We're just a family trying to fund our hobby of building cool stuff!  

I'm a Star Wars Cosplayer and have been making my own props for my family. I have some extra items to clear out and am excited to share my hobby with others. I enjoy this hobby so much, I'm looking to expand it out a bit by offering a few of the items I make out to the world. Thanks for stopping by! As a note all items in KIT form are RAW PRINTS. This means you will need to sand/glue/prime/and paint your item yourself. I will include what assembly instructions I can with each order to give you some direction, but this is only recommended for those comfortable building. Everything on the store is something I've printed, and finished for myself. Some items will require more finishing work than others and your mileage may vary. If you are 501st or MandoMerc please send me a message before you order with your ID letting me know. Thank you.

*ATTENTION: Due to the nature of 3d printing material availability all orders in KIT form may contain a mix of different colored parts. Generally this is not a problem as kits are meant to be painted after assembly, but if this is a problem for you, please let me know before you order. I will make every effort to accommodate your raw color preferences as long as you are willing to wait potentially quite a bit longer for your requested color to come in stock.